Washington Monument reflected at night in the pool on the Mall
Lionfish appear in Biscayne National Park
RedwoodForest - Northern California
Afternoon sun lights a section of Redwood Forest
Night View of Milky Way (Hampton, TN)
Supermoon Rising over Taos, NM
Most famous "Grotto" in Bruce Peninsula Nat. Park
Potala Palace - Traditional Winter Home of the Dali Lama
Whirling dervishes of the Mevlevi Order during a Sema.
Beautiful Night View of Istanbul
Marble Caves, Patagonia - Chile
Latest knitting craze, Pony Sweaters from the Shetlands
Plants (various) in a sheltered spot in the Mohave Desert
Bucket of ripe Cloudberries - an important wild plant in Finland
Aurora borealis as seen in Lapland Finland
The Monsoons arrived in Tucson today--ready for 7/4
Chapada Diamantina The Blue Well or Poço Azul
Lake Mckenzie at Fraser Island, Australia
Seychelles Island Beautiful Bay
Seychelles Island - Paradise in the Indian Ocean