Santa hat
Happy Holidays from Tucson, AZ
Los Glaciers National Park - Patagonia & Argentina
Torres del Paine National Park
Calceolaria uniflora in Patagonia
Patagonian Govt. rejects 5 dam project and protects this river
Observatory on Mt. Hopkins
Winter 2013 in the Badlands of South Dakota
Kitt Peak observes monsoon lightning
McMath-Pierce Solar Telescope at Kitt Peak Observatory
Hand-painted Mexican tiles
Street vendor and colorful wares in Nogales, Sonora
Colorful Street in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
Spring Showers bring the flowers
Coral in Reef surviving frequent hurricanes
Rare Snowy Day in Tucson
Gnarled Bristlecone Pine Trees at Sunset
Ancient Bristlecone Pine. Mt. Evans, Colorado
Grand Canyon near sunset and after a storm
Hammersley Gorge inside the Karijini National Park, Australia