Brilliant Chicago Sunset
Sunset over an almost alien looking landscape
El Capitan Glows at Sunrise
Sunrise over Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe
Sunrise at Monument Cove, Arcadia Nat. Park
Sunrise lights up aspens fall colors
Sunset at Saguaro National Park (West)
A November sunrise off Flager Beach, FL
Sunrise lights the Grand Tetons in Winter
Sunrise over the Chicago River
Mount Logan viewed from North Fork Bridge Creek
Early Spring Sunrise at Crater Lake
The Sun rises Lighthouse and Water Building on Anacapa Island
Sunrise at Wotan's Throne, North Rim, Grand Canyon
Partial solar eclipse at Sunset over Lake Erie
"Old Faithful" geyser at Sunset
St Catherine's Lighthouse at Sunset
Windy Winter Sunrise over the Mummy Mountain Range
Bay of Fires at Sunrise, Binalong Bay, Tasmania, Australia
Cloudy Winter Sunset over St. Mary Lake, Glacier NP, Montana