Hoodoos in the Bisti Wilderness, New Mexico
Spider Rock, Canyon de Chelly - Bob Johnston
Ear of the Wind - Monument Valley
Totem Pole in MV in Winter - Jeff Kohn 2007
Monument Valley Backroads winter
Monument Valley at sundown in winter
Monument Valley in Winter (by János Hajas )
Corn Dancer by Klaus Priebe
Canyon de Chelly in Winter, Navajo Tribal Land, AZ
Monument Valley at Sunset
Ear of the Wind (Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, AZ)
Mystery Valley (Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, AZ)
Hopi Indian Eagle Basket. Second Mesa , AZ
Hopi Second Mesa Basket with Concentric Circles
Pottery Vase by Kathleen Sanchez (San Ildefonso)
Maria Martinez, San Ildefononso c. 1935
Eric Tafoya -- Santa Clara Pottery.
Antique Santa Clara Poterry Wedding Vase
Spider Woman Rock, Canyon de Chelly
Navajo wedding vase - Hilda Whitegoat