Hoya Plant - Hampton, CT
Flowers and Photography for Dad
Patty's Plum Poppies - Leeds, UK
Poppies blooming in Puławy, Poland
Mimosa Bloom
Pink Chiffon (Poppy?) - Danvillel, VA
Southwestern Coralbean. Erythrina flabelliformis - Mt. Lemmon, A
Milk & Honey Iris - Manchester, MI
Subtle Flair - Pocasset, MA
Lovely Pink Peony - Westhampton, Mass
Incredible blooming Prickly Pear in Virginia!
Lacy Snowflake White Iris
Sunny Rose - Clearlake, CA
Welsh Poppy
Iris Sparkles in Morning Sun - Yonkers, NY
Single Yellow Rose
Sun strikes the colors of Lupin, Greenview, CA
Mt. Jefferson Wilderness Area, Oregon, Mike Putnam
Dodgerblue Bearded Iris
Sultan Supreme Tall Bearded Iris