Red Hot (bearded iris floral print)
The Golden Time - Westfield, NC
Ripe Tabasco Pepers - Hot, Hot, Hot, Ponchatoula, LA
Barrel Cactus - Rio Rico, AZ
Candybarrel Cactus (most common color)
Pinkflower Hedgehog Cactus
Red Passion - Saint Paul, MN
Summer's Best - Brewster, MA
Brilliant Orange Begonia - Clearlake, CA
Lavender Lily -Saint Paul, MN
Five Kinds of Heather & Gorse bloom on the Moor - Llithfaen, UK
Alaskan Seas Iris in bloom
Brief Glory of Night Blooming Cereus - Virginia Beach, VA
Red Wildflowers seen near Morton's Overlook,Gatlinburg, TN
Heartstopping Color painted Against Blue - Fort Bragg, CA
Indian Paintbrush Splashes Color on a Dull Day
Farmers Market Glorious Colors - Fairfield county, CT
Poppies by the Sea - Fort Bragg, CA
Day Glow
"Pegasus!" Leeds, UK