A simple stream of thought » Ocelot, Tikal, Guatemala
Persian leopard cub born in Russia
Land of the Leopard National Park in Russia.
Swimming polar bear at new joint 'russian/us national park
The Amazon River Pink Dolphin
Conservative Caveman
Wild Horses in Badland Nat. Park, N.D.
Sponge and other inhabitants of coral reef in Biscayne Bay NP
Great Barracuda, resident of Biscayne Bay National Park, Florida
Now that's what I call Whiskers!"
Scottish Wildkitten
Scottish Wildcat tells intruders off!
Highland Cattle in Snow
"Rowdy Dancing"
The ibex is the symbol of the Gran Paradiso National Park
Wild Reindeer - Hardangervidda National Park
Jaguar with cub - One of the inhabitants of Belize
Snow for Easter? What's with the weather!
Goanna lizard climbing a tree in Mt. Remarkable Nat. Park