Atlantic Forest Oncilla Leopard
Cute Jaguar Cub - Panama
Jaguar mother and kitten, Panama
Jaguar Sitting Nicagura
Observant meerkats at Makgadikgadi Pans National Park
Kruger-National Park in South Africa
Black Rhino - Mana Pools National Park,Zimbabwe
Mother white tail & Fawn share a treat
Snow Leopard in Tibet - Natural Range
Lynx have returned to Sumava National Park
Angora Goat Mother and Kids
Turkish Angora Rabbit
Margay Cat -(Felis weidii) one of smallest wild cats
Bighorn Sheep at Joshua Tree Nat. Park
Fallen Chipmunk at Yoho Nat. Park, Canada
Bull Moose in Evening Light, Grand Tetons Nat. Park
Wolves howling - Rocky Mountain National Park
Porcupine checks out the scene in Rocky Mountain National Park
One of few remaining Ocelots-Lower Rio Grande Wildlife Reserve
Bobcat cubs take refuge admist the thorns