Turkish Angora Rabbit
Margay Cat -(Felis weidii) one of smallest wild cats
Bighorn Sheep at Joshua Tree Nat. Park
Fallen Chipmunk at Yoho Nat. Park, Canada
Bull Moose in Evening Light, Grand Tetons Nat. Park
Wolves howling - Rocky Mountain National Park
Porcupine checks out the scene in Rocky Mountain National Park
One of few remaining Ocelots-Lower Rio Grande Wildlife Reserve
Bobcat cubs take refuge admist the thorns
Bobcat (found in Poland)
Tibetan Snow Leopard running through snow
Yasuni Nat. Park Equador - Home to forest creatures--man, plants
A simple stream of thought » Ocelot, Tikal, Guatemala
Persian leopard cub born in Russia
Land of the Leopard National Park in Russia.
Swimming polar bear at new joint 'russian/us national park
The Amazon River Pink Dolphin
Conservative Caveman
Wild Horses in Badland Nat. Park, N.D.
Sponge and other inhabitants of coral reef in Biscayne Bay NP