Santa hat
Sea Otter swims playfully
Channel Island Foxes coming back from near extension
Man, I'm beat!
Slow down - Kids at Play - (Wow)
Sunset over Bison Herd, Yellowstone
Fall is Mating Season for bull Moose
Marmot in Rocky Mountain National Park
Pine Marten - Glacier National Park, Montana
Wolverine in Winter in Glacier Nat. Park, US
Now you know it's a Mountain Goat!
Andean Mountain Cat - Leopardus jacobita
Guanaco (Lama guanicoe), jumping over a fence
Tasmania Kangaroos and joeys
Bison calf and mother cuddling
Shy pronghorn with newborn
Small herd of American bison, Theodore Roosevelt Nat. Park
Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Medora ND
Seen on a morning run in the desert near Tucson
Brown bears going fishing on Brooks River