Classic Turkish Angora White Cat36Classic Turkish Angora White CatCalico Kitten issues challenge to the World24Calico Kitten issues challenge to the WorldMother love70Mother loveYou tell the world, but not in my ear,please!80You tell the world, but not in my ear,please!Is it dinner time yet???30Is it dinner time yet???Upside down kitten35Upside down kittenI didn't knock that table over!42I didn't knock that table over!Bengali cats at play48Bengali cats at playGrowing a Kitty? (Ponchatoula, LA)40Growing a Kitty? (Ponchatoula, LA)There's Room for Both of Us40There's Room for Both of UsRagdoll Cat takes a swim35Ragdoll Cat takes a swimTurkish Van is a swimming cat35Turkish Van is a swimming catDutch Kitty enjoys the Spring Garden40Dutch Kitty enjoys the Spring GardenCalico Cat40Calico CatOrange Tabby kitten - "I'll catch it this time!"40Orange Tabby kitten - "I'll catch it this time!"Norwegian Forest Kitten35Norwegian Forest KittenKatalina Norwegian Forest Cat49Katalina Norwegian Forest CatElegant Russian Blue Mix cat54Elegant Russian Blue Mix catKittens Make Me Smile48Kittens Make Me SmilePortrait of Sir Thomas54Portrait of Sir Thomas