Fox Sparrow looking for Breakfast42Fox Sparrow looking for BreakfastSaguaro cacti with multiple woodpecker nest holes visible70Saguaro cacti with multiple woodpecker nest holes visibleGila Woodpecker at nest it has made in a saguaro section42Gila Woodpecker at nest it has made in a saguaro sectionNow that is a Robin!48Now that is a Robin!. European Bee-eater (Merops apiaster) spreading wings,48. European Bee-eater (Merops apiaster) spreading wings,The Majestic Andean Condor48The Majestic Andean CondorIn Route (with passengers)35In Route (with passengers)Pyrrhuloxia -- An Arizona Christmas Bird42Pyrrhuloxia -- An Arizona Christmas BirdLaughing Kookaburra- National Aquarium54Laughing Kookaburra- National AquariumKookaburra  (pair)35Kookaburra (pair)Black-necked Stork at Kakadu36Black-necked Stork at KakaduGouldian Finch in  Mareeba45Gouldian Finch in MareebaFemale Hepatic Tanager35Female Hepatic TanagerHooded Oriole  seen at Madera Canyon35Hooded Oriole seen at Madera CanyonRed-breasted Sapsucker - Madera Canyon, AZ40Red-breasted Sapsucker - Madera Canyon, AZElegant Trogon, Madera Canyon, AZ-458835Elegant Trogon, Madera Canyon, AZ-4588Flame-colored Tanager at Madera Canyon AZ36Flame-colored Tanager at Madera Canyon AZElegant Trogon - Madera Canyon35Elegant Trogon - Madera CanyonHepatic Tanager - Male36Hepatic Tanager - MaleRed-footed Booby Nesting63Red-footed Booby Nesting