Hummer in flight - Jackie-klieger-madera-canyon
Madera Canyon - broadbilled hummingbird at rest
Piranga-bidentata (Flame-colored Tanager)
Scarlet Macaw and hibiscus in Corcovado NP, Costa Rica
Hummingbird - Rufous-crested Coquette, Peru
Cock-of-the-Rock (One of several species)
Golden Tanager (abundant in Venzuela)
Chinstrap penguin
Swimming Emperor Penguins in Antarctica
Adelie penguin in Antarctica
Two penguins leap from the sea
Pair of Marbled Godwits fly in perfect harmony
Adult Female Pyrrhuloxia
Female Juvinile Pyrrhuloxia
Male Pyrrhuloxia (sometimes called Desert Cardinal)
Gannet over Maori Bay, New Zealand
Bluebird - MO
Elegant Trogon - Patagonia, AZ
Purple Gallimule - Everglades National Park, FL