Phainopepla  ( Ptiliogonatidae) the silky flycatchers20Phainopepla ( Ptiliogonatidae) the silky flycatchersBeauty at her (?) Bath35Beauty at her (?) BathBurrowing owl enduring the rain54Burrowing owl enduring the rainSword-billed Hummingbird and Chestnut-breasted Coronet  hummer48Sword-billed Hummingbird and Chestnut-breasted Coronet hummerGreen-breasted Mango Hummingbird42Green-breasted Mango HummingbirdFiery-throated hummingbird defending its territory48Fiery-throated hummingbird defending its territoryBand-tailed Barbthroat hummingbird35Band-tailed Barbthroat hummingbirdUnusual sight--multiple hummingbirds feeding24Unusual sight--multiple hummingbirds feedingScreech Owl perched in the woods63Screech Owl perched in the woodsMadagascar Pygmy-Kingfisher (Ceyx madagascariensis)63Madagascar Pygmy-Kingfisher (Ceyx madagascariensis)Yellow-bellied Sunbird Asity (Neodrepanis hypoxantha)63Yellow-bellied Sunbird Asity (Neodrepanis hypoxantha)Two adult King Eiders, resting70Two adult King Eiders, restingBelted Kingfisher50Belted KingfisherHyacinth Macaws native to E and central South America60Hyacinth Macaws native to E and central South AmericaMale King Eider (large sea duck)54Male King Eider (large sea duck)Snowy-bellied-hummingbird   Costa Rica48Snowy-bellied-hummingbird Costa RicaPurple-throated mountain-gem hummingbird in Costa Rica63Purple-throated mountain-gem hummingbird in Costa RicaTwo Plush-crested Jays at Iguazu National Park, Argentina60Two Plush-crested Jays at Iguazu National Park, ArgentinaIiwi, a Hawaiian honeycreeper60Iiwi, a Hawaiian honeycreeperPalalio-Hawaiian honeycreeper - feeding in mamane35Palalio-Hawaiian honeycreeper - feeding in mamane