Bohemian Waxwing36Bohemian WaxwingCedar Waxwing in Loquat Tree72Cedar Waxwing in Loquat TreeBlue-crowned Motmot35Blue-crowned MotmotFiery-throated Hummingbird Panterpe insignis35Fiery-throated Hummingbird Panterpe insignisSun Bittern in wing display -  Costa Rica35Sun Bittern in wing display - Costa RicaGolden-hooded Tanager35Golden-hooded TanagerViolet-crowned Woodnymph, Rancho Naturalista35Violet-crowned Woodnymph, Rancho NaturalistaRoyal Flycatcher displays its crown12Royal Flycatcher displays its crownA successful & colorful Kingfishera24A successful & colorful KingfisheraHummer sitting on her nest40Hummer sitting on her nestBlack-faced Ibises in Torres del Paine National Park60Black-faced Ibises in Torres del Paine National ParkWillow Ptarmigan (North American)35Willow Ptarmigan (North American)Arctic Tern - one of champion flyers of Denali36Arctic Tern - one of champion flyers of DenaliKea (Nestor notabilis) on rock while snowing42Kea (Nestor notabilis) on rock while snowingPenguin Crossing sign along coast road35Penguin Crossing sign along coast roadBald Eagles in Flight in Alaska45Bald Eagles in Flight in AlaskaSulphur-breasted musk parrot63Sulphur-breasted musk parrotPuerto Rican Screech Owl35Puerto Rican Screech OwlPuerto Rican Tody36Puerto Rican TodyBald Eagle in Flight48Bald Eagle in Flight