Victoria Crowned Pigeon - Dave Wurzel
A large flock of Pelicans in IOWA for fall migration
Green Violet Eared Hummingbird - Costa Rica
Fiery-Throated Hummingbird Among Flowers
Violet Sabrewing Hummingbird - Costa Rica
Hummer taking a sip
Hyacinth Macaws in new Reserve
Santa Rita cactus in bloom
Atlantic Puffin
Heliodoxa aurescens -near Amazonia Lodge, Manu Nat. Park, Peru
Manu National Park-madre de-dios
Hungry Hummer gets a bite from a red trumpet flower
Sharp-tailed Tyrant, Paraguay
Harpy Eagle, National Bird of Panama
Respendant Quetzal - Honduras
It's Hummingbird Time - Fremont, CA
Summer Bunting
Hummer sticks out tongue to feed
The-Himalayan-Monal --Mudassar-Afaque-Ahmed
Chucao - little bird adapted to locality