Elegant Trogon - Madera Canyon
Hepatic Tanager - Male
Red-footed Booby Nesting
Tui Bird at Feeder - New Zealand
Graceful Snowy Egret getting ready to land
Black-necked Stilts flying over Eco Pond
Anhinga preening its feathers at anhinga trail of Everglades
A Rare Harpy Eagle
Harpy Eagle coming in for a landing
New Holland Honeyeater, Cape le Grand National Park, WA
Spinifex pigeons - Purnululu National Park, Aust.
Condors soar at Pinacles National Park, CA
American bald eagle in flight
Mexican jay2
Spotted Towhee - Williams, OR
Streamer-tail - National Bird of Jamaica
I Love Porter Weed!
Afternoon Hummer - Southaven, MS
Violet Sabrewing Hummingbird, Costa RIca