Mexican Jay in Big Bend NP, TX
Blue Heron -Hermiston,OR
Chinstrap Penguins on rocky ledge
Little Penguin (also Fairy and Blue penguin)
Macaroni penguin at Zoo
Snowbird Hummingbird - Costa Rica
Purple-throated Mountain-gem Hummingbird, Costa Rica
Magnificent Hummingbird - Costa Rica
Firey-throated hummingbird - Costa Rica
Multi-colored St. Lucia Parrot
Colorful family portrait of Spoonbill family Naples, FL
Humminbird (unidentified) in Costa Rica
Green-breasted Mango Hummingbird in Costa Rica
Hummer taking a sip
Cedar Waxwing - Empire, MI
Cluster of bird population at Tayrona National Park, Columbia
Ara chloropterus -Manu National Park, Peru -flying-8
Ocellated Turkey, Tikal National Park, Peten, Guatemala
Remarkable Resplendent Quetzal
Royal Flycatcher - Costa Rica