Lower Madera Canyon in Summer - Phil Starke
Creek Sunset - Heathsville, VA
Carving in Ice Art Festival - Fairbanks, AK
The Beginning - Marc Adams (Banff Nat. Park, Albera, Canada)
Sunrise at Monument Valley - Klaus Priebe
"Tenacity of Life" - Klaus Priebe (Hermit Pass, CO)
Canyon Colors of Santa Elena (Big Bend) S. Thompson
"Wildflower Madness" Klaus Priebe (Yankee Boy Basin, CO)
Una Flor entre las Flores
Two Horses by Reina
Blue Hills with Gold - Reina
Night-Watch by Reina
Okeeffe's Cat
Blackjack among the Poppies, Reina
Passing thru (Reina)
Yankee Boy Basin, CO (Klaus Preibe)
Colores del Mercado (Alredo Rodriguez)
Naranjas (Alfredo Rodriguez)
Red hills and perdernales - O'Keffe
Zion NP Narrows Virgin River