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203 puzzles tagged park
Sea Otter swims playfully
Mount Logan viewed from North Fork Bridge Creek
Clouds Over Eldorado Peak at Sunset, North Cascades National Par
Early Spring Sunrise at Crater Lake
A winter day at Crater Lake
The Sun rises Lighthouse and Water Building on Anacapa Island
Temple of the Sun - Big Room
Very Young Bobcat Kitten
A Rare Harpy Eagle
Harpy Eagle coming in for a landing
Sloth crossing the path at full speed
Rio Celeste Waterfall in this park
Morning Glory Pool -hot spring Upper Geyeser Basin
"Old Faithful" geyser at Sunset
Fall is Mating Season for bull Moose
Coral in Reef surviving frequent hurricanes
Bristlecone pine grove at the base of Wheeler Peak
Windy Winter Sunrise over the Mummy Mountain Range
Rare Snowy Day in Tucson
Now you know it's a Mountain Goat!