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Gemind Meteor Shower (mid-December) Over Monument Valley
Tom Phillips playing the flute in Half-Dome
Totem Pole & Sand Dune
Lighting strikes hoodoos in Bryce Canyon Nat. Park, UT
Mt Hayes, Western Arthur Range,
Nadab floodplain and surrounding stone country at sunset
Canyon Plunge Pool Reflection, Twin Falls,
JimJim Falls in the middle of April
Closeup Australian Saltwater Crocodile
Gouldian Finch in Mareeba
"Shimmering Veil"
Laguna de Los Tres and mount Fitz Roy
Halconcito Colorado - Nahuel Haupi National Park
Ischigualasto National Park Argentina 5
The Three Towers with glacial lake
Jagged snowy peak and brilliant red flowers
Quellon's Coastline with Volcano Corcovado in the distance
Laguna San Rafel National Park - Chile
Is this Marmot love? or pushing?
Marmot Pass with wildflowers