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Bird Woman Falls, Glacier Nat. Park
Early winter morning at Bass Harbor Head Light
Acadia Nat. Park presents an Aurora Borealis
Summer Sunset from Glacier Point by John Harrison
Shy pronghorn with newborn
Magnificent, Old Saguaro Cactus
One of the Dangerous corners on Going to the Sun Highway
View from Grinnell Lake Overlook
View from Yellow Mounds Overlook
Death valley as the sun rises
Brown bears going fishing on Brooks River
Katmai Crater 1980
Sun setting behind Chrisos Mountains
Riding the Rio Grande through St. Elena's Canyon
Mountain Lion at rest
Guadalupe Peak and El Capitan jut from the Earth in this park
Trees in autumn foliage and cliffs
Mountain Lion track and maple leaves ...
Brilliant Red Foliage Lights up McKittrick Canyon
Fall Colors abound in McKittrick Canyon