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Fall Color and Waterfall in S. Korea's Jirsan National Park
Waves beat against a cliff on one of the fjords in Torngat
Afterglow of sunset in beautiful moutain valley
Sunrise reveals the beautiful colors of Rainbow Canyon
Sunrise New Year's Day - Taos, N.M.
Beautiful garden Alhambra, Spain
Waterfall over Lozoya River - Guadarrama National Park - Spain
Arnhem Land plateau and escarpment complex
That Perfect Moment in the morning...
Hepatic Tanager - Male
Hopi Coiled Butterfly Vase/Basket
Section of Badlands National Park - SD
Sunrise over Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe
Reflections on this year's Fall
Jiuzhaigou Valley elegant Waterfall and colors
Storm Swell from Ana at Hawaii (Big Island) US
Minnesota Landscape Arboretum - Mother Tree
Sunset on the Mohave Desert
Hammersley Gorge inside the Karijini National Park, Australia
Sunset over the Pacific Ocean at Sand Dollar Beach, Big Sur CA