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65 puzzles tagged bird
Monteverde Hummingbird flying Costa Rica
Gannet over Maori Bay, New Zealand
Bluebird - MO
Steam rising from warmer seawater - Kennebuckport Beach, ME
Purple Gallimule - Everglades National Park, FL
Beautiful Male Painted Bunting
Keel-billed Toucan of Costa Rica
Variegated Fairy-wren - Australia
Red-winged Fairy Wren - native of Australia
Black Crowned Crane in Berlin's Zoo.
Christmas Card Cardinal - Ypsilanti, MI
Santiago Frigate Bird (Male) in Sexual Display, Galapogos Island
"Visitors" - East Dennis, MA
Allen's Hummingbird - (Selasphorus sasin).
Cock of the rock --National Bird Peru
(Buteo regalis) "Ferrugineous Rough-leg" Hawk in Flight - ASDM
Ferrugineous Rough-leg Hawk - ASDesert Museum, Tucson, AZ
Mountain Bluebird (male)
American Kestral in Flight - Tucson, AZ
Bluebird (not fluffed)