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67 puzzles tagged bird
White winged dove feeding on a saguaro in bloom
The Majestic Andean Condor
Waves Beating Against Sea Stacks & Shore, Ruby Beach, WA
American bald eagle in flight
Streamer-tail - National Bird of Jamaica
Hungry Hummer gets a bite from a red trumpet flower
Chucao - little bird adapted to locality
Blue Heron -Hermiston,OR
Multi-colored St. Lucia Parrot
Hummer taking a sip
Cedar Waxwing - Empire, MI
Ara chloropterus -Manu National Park, Peru -flying-8
Rock Ptarmigan in Winter -Grand Paradiso Nat. Park
Great Blue Heron Poses Dramatically At Sundown - Florida Coast
Highland Motmot - Manu Park, Peru
Indigo Bunting - Register, GA
Blue-crowned Motmot
Posed White Egret in Norfolk, VA
Wind-tossed Egret -Norfork, VA