quilts 206×
interior 123×
christmas 71×
vintage 63×
quilt 55×
kitchen 54×
antiques 42×
cats 38×
autumn 37×
sewing 32×
rooms 32×
porch 31×
houses 31×
country 29×
decor 27×
doll 27×
bird 26×
bedroom 22×
house 19×
miniatures 17×

206 puzzles tagged quilts

Christmas+house+tour204Christmas+house+tourmini quilt with antiques192mini quilt with antiquesdoll quilt with blue teddy204doll quilt with blue teddyscrap quilt198scrap quiltmini quilt with doll198mini quilt with dollthe spirit of country204the spirit of countrycrazy quilt198crazy quiltmini quilt198mini quiltpumpkin quilt192pumpkin quiltquilt blocks195quilt blocksautumn table runner140autumn table runnerquilty autumn porch198quilty autumn porchTempus fugit192Tempus fugitmini pumpkin quilt196mini pumpkin quiltapplique quilt204applique quiltdoll bed with quilt204doll bed with quiltminiature scrap quilt192miniature scrap quiltcollection of doll quilts204collection of doll quiltsChristmas table runner204Christmas table runnersunflower quilt204sunflower quilt