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741 puzzles tagged green

Colorful what?25Colorful what?Altruism of Nature30Altruism of NatureExtended Colors25Extended ColorsMini Cakes20Mini CakesLadybug Lane9Ladybug LanePiggly9PigglyColor Coded25Color CodedLots of Time30Lots of TimeVariety20VarietyGossip over the garden wall4Gossip over the garden wallCrustou Cakes25Crustou CakesClassy Russian Blue12Classy Russian BlueDown the Rainbow Road25Down the Rainbow RoadNever timeless30Never timelessSpherical Specialization25Spherical SpecializationCookies that crumble36Cookies that crumbleFantastical30FantasticalBottle Lids20Bottle LidsTwister25TwisterCat & Mouse Wind Spinner16Cat & Mouse Wind Spinner