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913 puzzles tagged blue

tulsa7035 Color makes everything better30tulsa7035 Color makes everything betterWaves of Swirls25Waves of SwirlsSwirl Clock25Swirl ClockΤρία φτερά16Τρία φτεράFruit Quilt Detail36Fruit Quilt DetailPlaying at Grandmother's house30Playing at Grandmother's houseDiamonds and Squares30Diamonds and SquaresTraditional Quena Flutes from Peru25Traditional Quena Flutes from PeruEssence of Time16Essence of TimeFantasia20FantasiaA friend's home35A friend's homeWishes12WishesDreamchase30DreamchaseBolitas30BolitasRose of many colors16Rose of many colorsKaleidoscope Bars30Kaleidoscope Bars1 shy, 1 not, 1 nonchalant121 shy, 1 not, 1 nonchalantPoetic circles25Poetic circlesIn the neighborhood30In the neighborhoodThermal Sunset16Thermal Sunset