Author of Contemporary & Paranormal Erotic Romances. Watercolour artist


rainbow 529×
food 365×
colorful 127×
fruit 124×
cookies 60×
red 54×
fractal 49×
flowers 47×
biscuits 45×
dessert 42×

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Rainbow puzzle300Rainbow puzzleRainbow smoke300Rainbow smokeBalloon cookies300Balloon cookiesIced-biscuits300Iced-biscuitsRainbow patchwork300Rainbow patchworkRainbow quilt300Rainbow quiltFeathers300FeathersPeacock feathers300Peacock feathersFeathers300FeathersFruit cookies289Fruit cookies


AlbumCover AnimalsAlbumCover MiscellaneousAlbumCover Mandelbrot, Fractals, FibonacciAlbumCover Scenes around the worldAlbumCover BuddhistAlbumCover Rainbows, Patterns, etcAlbumCover All Flowers, Food and MiscAlbumCover Australia scenes, animals, etcAlbumCover Sooziii Shearer Artist