*Everyday life is often tedious or stressful, so this corner of Jigsaw Planet was created to give some much needed beauty & relaxation. I tend it like a garden, changing & replacing its "plants" as needed to keep it beautiful & interesting. Hoping you feel more relaxed after your visit here.*


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Yellow Swallowtail Species on Red Bee Balm20Yellow Swallowtail Species on Red Bee BalmPeacock Butterfly with Orange Pink & Blue Blooms30Peacock Butterfly with Orange Pink & Blue BloomsGreen Luna Moth on Pink Hydrangea30Green Luna Moth on Pink HydrangeaPale Giant Owl Butterfly30Pale Giant Owl Butterfly"Orange Julia" Butterfly on Pink Bee Balm30"Orange Julia" Butterfly on Pink Bee BalmBlushing Phantom Butterfly-Exquisite25Blushing Phantom Butterfly-ExquisiteCrimson Rose Butterfly on Flower30Crimson Rose Butterfly on FlowerYellow-edged Giant Owl(Caligo Atreus)28Yellow-edged Giant Owl(Caligo Atreus)Aqua Swallowtail on Red Hibiscus Bloom28Aqua Swallowtail on Red Hibiscus BloomCrimson Rose butterfly Feeding on Zinnias28Crimson Rose butterfly Feeding on Zinnias


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