abstract 47×
fractal 46×
india 18×
colorful 17×
mountains 15×
mandala 13×
lake 12×
deity 12×
mountain 12×
sierra 12×

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Dresden archer120Dresden archerDresden archer120Dresden archerSadhu at Kedar Ghat in Varansasi, India140Sadhu at Kedar Ghat in Varansasi, IndiaRocky Mountain National Park120Rocky Mountain National ParkJungfraujoch140JungfraujochFractal Spiral by Chris Halderman143Fractal Spiral by Chris HaldermanLake Wakatipu, New Zealand South Island as Sunset140Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand South Island as SunsetSouth of Mendocino, CA (#2)140South of Mendocino, CA (#2)Portrait of Goethe130Portrait of GoetheThe Ganges flowing from Shiva's head130The Ganges flowing from Shiva's head


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