Ayr Scotland, Twitter: George Norris @ourspuds. Interested in potatoes, daffodils, snowdrops, apples, agriculture, farm crops and animals, Ayr and Ayrshire. I create puzzles only from my own photos.


ayrshire 93×
scotland 55×
plants 50×
ayr 48×
farm 39×
flowers 37×
agriculture 35×
food 34×
bulbs 29×
potatoes 28×

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PILOT boat, Ayrshire, Scotland.12PILOT boat, Ayrshire, Scotland.EDZARD CIRKSENA, approaching Ayr Harbour, Scotland.18EDZARD CIRKSENA, approaching Ayr Harbour, Scotland.Embothrium coccineum, named fire bush for good reason.24Embothrium coccineum, named fire bush for good reason.Newton Wallacetown Parish Church, Ayr, Scotland.16Newton Wallacetown Parish Church, Ayr, Scotland.Potatoes, 'Mozart', maincrop, 'Redstar x Caesar' 1991.24Potatoes, 'Mozart', maincrop, 'Redstar x Caesar' 1991.St Leonard's Parish Church, Ayr, built 1886.15St Leonard's Parish Church, Ayr, built 1886.Daffodil, 'Gentle Giant' 2W-O [Large-Cupped], try daffseek.org12Daffodil, 'Gentle Giant' 2W-O [Large-Cupped], try daffseek.orgRiver Wye from Symonds Yat Rock, England.35River Wye from Symonds Yat Rock, England.Swan on river Monnow, Monmouth, Wales.16Swan on river Monnow, Monmouth, Wales.Embothrium coccineum, 'Chilean fire bush'.16Embothrium coccineum, 'Chilean fire bush'.


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