Santa hat
I'm an amateur photographer who takes pictures with my mobile phone camera on my daily exercise walks. It is a Sony Xperia Z1 Compact with an 20,7 MP camera i use in case anyone wonders. I mostly take pictures in 8 MP HDR-mode. I also use a Sony DSC-QX10 for those occasions where i need optical zoom. It's small and fits perfectly with my Z1 Compact. The images are processed with the tools avaliable in the Google+ photo application before i create the puzzles.


eksjö 299×
västervik 60×
norra storgatan 25×
arendt byggmästares gata 20×
södra storgatan 12×
österlånggatan 11×
gamla stan 10×
regementsgatan 10×
norra ågatan

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