I'm an amateur photographer who takes pictures with my mobile phone camera on my daily exercise walks. It is a Sony Xperia Z1 Compact with an 20,7 MP camera i use in case anyone wonders. I mostly take pictures in 8 MP HDR-mode. I also use a Sony DSC-QX10 for those occasions where i need optical zoom. It's small and fits perfectly with my Z1 Compact. The images are processed with the tools avaliable in the Google+ photo application before i create the puzzles.


eksjö 355×
västervik 60×
norra storgatan 31×
arendt byggmästares gata 24×
gamla stan 20×
regementsgatan 13×
södra storgatan 13×
österlånggatan 12×
kyrka 10×
stora torget 10×

Last Puzzles

The tanning block98The tanning blockChurch tower from an odd angle98Church tower from an odd angleThe Fire Brigade's garage98The Fire Brigade's garageA former school for nurses98A former school for nursesA kind of yellow apartment building98A kind of yellow apartment buildingThe Hussar street98The Hussar streetYellow house with green fence98Yellow house with green fenceChurch tower from the east98Church tower from the eastSchool yard98School yardJust an elementary school98Just an elementary school


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