I'm an amateur photographer who takes pictures with my mobile phone camera on my daily exercise walks in the town of Eksjö in the south of Sweden where I live. My phone is a Sony Xperia Z1 Compact with an 20,7 MP sensor I use in 16:9 format, 8 MP, HDR mode. I also use a Sony DSC-QX10 for those occasions when I need optical zoom. It's small and fits perfectly with my Z1 Compact. The images are processed with the tools avaliable in the Google+ photo application before I create the puzzles.


eksjö 582×
gamla stan 80×
västervik 63×
norra storgatan 47×
arendt byggmästares gata 38×
stora torget 21×
eksjöån 19×
österlånggatan 19×
västerlånggatan 19×
vildparken 18×

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Café at Mount Teide98Café at Mount TeideBuilding in the snow98Building in the snowGas station!98Gas station!Tallest building in Eksjö?!?98Tallest building in Eksjö?!?Hospital demolition98Hospital demolitionHouse at the oaklake stream98House at the oaklake streamLight at the end of the tunnel98Light at the end of the tunnelNewly renovated yard98Newly renovated yardYellow house with green fence in the autumn98Yellow house with green fence in the autumnGrey sky over the stream98Grey sky over the stream


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