art 765×
country 328×
winter 180×
folk 156×
summer 80×
christmas 69×
farm 53×
autumn 41×
colorful 36×
spring 23×
fantasy 22×
fall 20×
makeup 19×
cat 17×
halloween 16×
birds 15×
snow 14×
seaside 12×
horses 12×
scenery 12×

765 puzzles tagged art

Faceoff with frosty d r laird140Faceoff with frosty d r lairdBears bears bears A150Bears bears bears AVictorian winter D. R. Laird140Victorian winter D. R. LairdStewart Sherwood140Stewart SherwoodD R Laird154D R LairdLumbers-james-dawn-of-a-new-day140Lumbers-james-dawn-of-a-new-dayFollow+Me-no1140Follow+Me-no1Peaceful harbor A156Peaceful harbor AWashing Sheep at Old Country Farm140Washing Sheep at Old Country FarmWSNeighborhoodPond156WSNeighborhoodPondGeorge Henry Durrie - Winter in the Country - Google Art Project140George Henry Durrie - Winter in the Country - Google Art ProjectCountry sales160Country salesCountry-farm-folk-art-appalachian-blackberry-patch-rustic-rural-156Country-farm-folk-art-appalachian-blackberry-patch-rustic-rural-7788_Country_Auction1607788_Country_AuctionBarnyard gems150Barnyard gemsLBerry the farm150LBerry the farmSoon a newborn colt162Soon a newborn coltWSwhiletheworldsleeps165WSwhiletheworldsleepsThe Shopping Center140The Shopping CenterWSNeighborhoodPond156WSNeighborhoodPond