Midnight Tryst180Midnight TrystTrust Me180Trust MeThe Miniature180The MiniatureMoonlit Lake180Moonlit LakeLamia180LamiaThe Arrival of the Mail Coach220The Arrival of the Mail CoachThe Soul of the Rose180The Soul of the RoseBlue and White180Blue and WhiteThe Confession180The ConfessionElaine180ElaineChristmas Day220Christmas DayIn Times of Peril221In Times of PerilThe Duke's Arrival220The Duke's ArrivalSadko180SadkoThe Baths at Caracalla180The Baths at CaracallaA Coign of Vantage180A Coign of VantageThe Roses of Heliogabalus220The Roses of HeliogabalusLilium Auratum180Lilium AuratumThe Coffee Bearer180The Coffee BearerHarem Life in Istanbul180Harem Life in Istanbul