Hide and Seek180Hide and SeekGoing into the World180Going into the WorldNewly Married180Newly MarriedThe Reluctant Pianist220The Reluctant PianistShy Maiden180Shy MaidenLa Soiree228La SoireeNordic Summer Evening209Nordic Summer EveningA River in Wales209A River in WalesShowing a Preference180Showing a PreferenceThe Challenge180The ChallengeA Courtship180A CourtshipGodspeed221GodspeedVenice221VeniceA Street in Oxford221A Street in OxfordThe Interval208The IntervalThe Wedding Morning208The Wedding MorningAt the Blacksmith's208At the Blacksmith'sOn the Road to Gretna Green209On the Road to Gretna GreenChanging the Horses220Changing the HorsesRiding to the Meet209Riding to the Meet