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Going Away228Going AwayWinter Scene221Winter SceneAmsterdam221AmsterdamThe Fair Toxophilites180The Fair ToxophilitesA convalescent234A convalescentQueen of the Lilies228Queen of the LiliesThe Strand180The StrandSt Pancras231St PancrasCourtship180CourtshipAbandoned231AbandonedAfternoon Tea208Afternoon TeaTwo Strings To Her Bow221Two Strings To Her BowVigilance180VigilanceThe Sister’s Grave180The Sister’s GraveThe Cock Tavern, Bishops Gate Street, Lond180The Cock Tavern, Bishops Gate Street, LondLower Bridge Street, Chester221Lower Bridge Street, ChesterChester221ChesterChester, Eastgate Street221Chester, Eastgate StreetLudgate180LudgateChester, Bridge Street Looking North220Chester, Bridge Street Looking North