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The Russian Bride's Attire238The Russian Bride's AttireThe Kissing Custom240The Kissing CustomThe Yellow Dress180The Yellow DressA Lady with Parasol180A Lady with ParasolA Moment's Reflection180A Moment's ReflectionThe Betrothal180The BetrothalAt the Haberdasher's180At the Haberdasher'sDaydreamer180DaydreamerThe Winter Walk180The Winter WalkEn Vue180En VueEnchanted Sea180Enchanted SeaA Picnic Party228A Picnic PartyAn English Harvest Home192An English Harvest HomeShould We Trust Him221Should We Trust HimThe Ferry220The FerryHales Old Hall228Hales Old HallThe Belle Savage Inn225The Belle Savage InnOpening of the Millinery180Opening of the MillineryArrival of the Mail Coach180Arrival of the Mail CoachTunbridge Wells180Tunbridge Wells