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A Posy192A PosyAn Indiscretion180An IndiscretionStealing a Kiss180Stealing a KissLes Oeufs de Pâques180Les Oeufs de PâquesRoses for Sale221Roses for SaleWaiting180WaitingThe Spoilt Puppy180The Spoilt PuppyA New Letter208A New LetterBefore the Hunt210Before the HuntAdmiration208AdmirationAt the Spinet210At the SpinetA Busy Street Scene220A Busy Street SceneA Stop at an Inn221A Stop at an InnSpring180SpringGarden Walk180Garden WalkVictorian Couple180Victorian CoupleThe Homecoming220The HomecomingThe Country Store220The Country StoreNearing the Bend220Nearing the BendA Sunday Visit180A Sunday Visit