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Riding to the Meet209Riding to the MeetThe Ferryboat Inn208The Ferryboat InnA Village Stream180A Village StreamThe Village Wedding228The Village WeddingA Wedding Party in Strasbourg208A Wedding Party in StrasbourgWhat is It221What is ItSad Memories180Sad MemoriesWatering the Flowers180Watering the FlowersSong of the Shirt180Song of the ShirtCarrying Corn208Carrying CornThe Poor Seamstress208The Poor SeamstressThe Hayfield180The HayfieldMeeting on the Turret Stairs180Meeting on the Turret StairsAn Arrival180An ArrivalTo Let180To LetAn English Autumn Afternoon220An English Autumn AfternoonThoughts of the Past180Thoughts of the PastAfter the Ball180After the BallThe Duet180The DuetA Love Song192A Love Song