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Apple Dumplings180Apple DumplingsDreams180DreamsConversation180ConversationCountess Nerina Pisani Volpi di Misurata180Countess Nerina Pisani Volpi di MisurataPortrait of a Lady180Portrait of a LadyFin du Souper209Fin du SouperA Cornish Idyll210A Cornish IdyllBetween the Tides180Between the TidesA Town on the Rhine180A Town on the RhineLes Patineurs180Les PatineursConversation Galante au Hameau180Conversation Galante au HameauFête au Petit Trianon180Fête au Petit TrianonHalte de Chasse180Halte de ChasseThe Evening Coach, London in the Distance220The Evening Coach, London in the DistanceChanging Horses221Changing HorsesPangbourne220PangbourneSilent Noon209Silent NoonSt.Martin-in-the-Fields180St.Martin-in-the-FieldsA Musical Soiree228A Musical SoireeThe Lady of Shalott221The Lady of Shalott