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Hales Old Hall228Hales Old HallThe Belle Savage Inn225The Belle Savage InnOpening of the Millinery180Opening of the MillineryArrival of the Mail Coach180Arrival of the Mail CoachTunbridge Wells180Tunbridge WellsA Stop at a Coaching Inn221A Stop at a Coaching InnIn 1816180In 1816Somerset House180Somerset HouseA Victorian Interior228A Victorian InteriorThe Bridesmaid180The BridesmaidFebruary220FebruaryA Street Scene221A Street SceneBoulter's Lock180Boulter's LockAt the Milliner221At the MillinerThe New Letter221The New LetterGoing Away228Going AwayWinter Scene221Winter SceneAmsterdam221AmsterdamThe Fair Toxophilites180The Fair ToxophilitesA convalescent234A convalescent