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A Coign of Vantage180A Coign of VantageThe Roses of Heliogabalus220The Roses of HeliogabalusLilium Auratum180Lilium AuratumThe Coffee Bearer180The Coffee BearerHarem Life in Istanbul180Harem Life in IstanbulA Serenade221A SerenadeA Quiet Moment180A Quiet MomentThe Secret180The SecretReading the News180Reading the NewsLife in the South221Life in the SouthThe Russian Bride's Attire238The Russian Bride's AttireThe Kissing Custom240The Kissing CustomThe Yellow Dress180The Yellow DressA Lady with Parasol180A Lady with ParasolA Moment's Reflection180A Moment's ReflectionThe Betrothal180The BetrothalAt the Haberdasher's180At the Haberdasher'sDaydreamer180DaydreamerThe Winter Walk180The Winter WalkEn Vue180En Vue