Eurasian Eagle Owl by Parides117Eurasian Eagle Owl by ParidesLooking at the rising sun117Looking at the rising sunProtective eyelids by Steve Torna130Protective eyelids by Steve TornaWhat a shot!130What a shot!Amazing owl132Amazing owlPicture of an owl130Picture of an owlA different perspective90A different perspectiveOh it was a kiss oo-oo what a kiss130Oh it was a kiss oo-oo what a kissLove these eyes120Love these eyesOwl by Allerlei130Owl by AllerleiSobre as águas120Sobre as águasCasal130CasalKnowing the danger120Knowing the dangerGreat Horned Owl130Great Horned OwlBetter than words140Better than wordsTired Mom by Frank Comisar128Tired Mom by Frank ComisarGreat Horned Owl by Jonathan Sherrill140Great Horned Owl by Jonathan SherrillGreat grey horney by Nick Kalathas140Great grey horney by Nick KalathasGreat Grey Owl family140Great Grey Owl familySurreal136Surreal