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117 puzzles tagged dog

Blue English setter160Blue English setterHunter and dogs150Hunter and dogsGuappo - An extraordinary English setter160Guappo - An extraordinary English setterTwo orange English setters160Two orange English settersBlue puppy160Blue puppyBeautiful English Setter160Beautiful English SetterWhat a setter160What a setterAnother blue154Another blueOlhar amigo160Olhar amigoBlue english setter160Blue english setterAmazing160AmazingHandsome head150Handsome headLeonberger's puppy144Leonberger's puppyPerfil156PerfilBeautiful puppies168Beautiful puppiesMom and puppies150Mom and puppiesTri liver and orange"150Tri liver and orange"Meraviglioso160MeravigliosoEnglish Setter160English SetterI love ES160I love ES