flowers 146×
nature 130×
nikon 76×
birds 56×
water 27×
bugs 21×
cats 20×
ducks 20×
winter 17×
bees 15×

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Groundhog48GroundhogColorful48ColorfulThe Stump48The StumpThe Lily45The LilyPond in Phippsburg, Me 199248Pond in Phippsburg, Me 1992Cutting Creek in Phippsburg, Maine60Cutting Creek in Phippsburg, MaineCentre Street in Bath, Maine 1992 (Kodak Gold 100)48Centre Street in Bath, Maine 1992 (Kodak Gold 100)Winnegance Bridge in Bath, Maine60Winnegance Bridge in Bath, MaineWeeping Fig Tree after snow54Weeping Fig Tree after snowHyde campus after around 30'' of snow.54Hyde campus after around 30'' of snow.


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