Barn Owl with prey150Barn Owl with preyTornadic thunderstorm180Tornadic thunderstormCumulus clouds at Sunset192Cumulus clouds at SunsetWarm Kitty156Warm KittyWarm Kitty156Warm KittyFox and Photographer150Fox and PhotographerChild and Cat170Child and CatFrog Parking180Frog ParkingIceland Bay 2170Iceland Bay 2Andes Mountains169Andes MountainsLeaf156LeafIceland Bay77Iceland BayIceland Bay170Iceland BayCat up a Tree160Cat up a TreeSecret Life of Walter Mitty Iceland192Secret Life of Walter Mitty IcelandCowancaiman1168Cowancaiman1Glacial Lake in Iceland198Glacial Lake in IcelandCowancaiman1168Cowancaiman1Tamblain Lake Indonesia170Tamblain Lake IndonesiaLake Erie Storm 3160Lake Erie Storm 3