I usually create landscape pics at around 100 and portrait pics at 70. I have a wide variety of albums so most tastes should be satisfied. Puzzles are all in standard format.


landscape 1028×
scenery 967×
water 638×
old 382×
architecture 346×
river 319×
england 258×
building 255×
bridge 247×
london 188×

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Agias Sofia108Agias SofiaBraine-le-Château108Braine-le-ChâteauHoiAn Vietnam88HoiAn VietnamClovelly high st108Clovelly high stPriests cove96Priests coveClervaux, Luxemberg117Clervaux, LuxembergTudor Close Hotel108Tudor Close HotelWatermills Pliva Jajce Bosnia108Watermills Pliva Jajce Bosniaold barn98old barnEstaing-aveyron91Estaing-aveyron


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