flowers and rainbows and crystals and vintage and sunsets and stained glass and cats and pretty places with the occasional sprinkling of fandomy stuff :) P.S. none of the photos I use are my own, with the exception of all the puzzles in the album entitled "my art," which are all mine.


colorful 70×
color 64×
bright 60×
art 59×
photography 59×
nature 52×
beautiful 52×
pretty 40×
flowers 32×
rainbow 28×

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cool flowers collage99cool flowers collagecandy crystals80candy crystalsbookshelves80bookshelvesMatisse fishbowl80Matisse fishbowlcirce56circethe opaque100the opaquewater lilies I99water lilies Ifloral80floralGirly spring196Girly springagate slices in the sun56agate slices in the sun

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