Santa hat


of 166×
flag 95×
the 48×
flag. 31×
ssr. 26×
arms 17×
state 15×
united 14×
coat 14×
de 13×
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Emblem of South Korea.svg
Flag of South Korea.svg
Seal of the United States Senate.svg
750px-Flag of Spain.svg
744px-Standard of the Governor of Alabama.svg
600px-Flag of Basilicata.svg
Flag of Apulia.svg
900px-Flag of Valle d'Aosta.svg
Flag of Abruzzo.svg
Seal of the President of the United States.svg
Flag of the President of the United States of America.svg
450px-Presidential Flag of Panama.svg
Coat of arms of Panama.svg
497px-Coat of arms of Portugal.svg
220px-Coat of arms of Portugal (Lesser).svg
Flag of Quintana Roo
400px-Coat of arms of Oaxaca.svg
300px-Coat of arms of Puebla.svg
225px-Coat of arms of Sinaloa.svg
Flag of Mexico (state)