Shrek-lost 6 yr- 60 lb fleece96Shrek-lost 6 yr- 60 lb fleecePeek-a-boo80Peek-a-booJust waitin for milking time96Just waitin for milking timeMAAAAAH80MAAAAAHPatriotic baby90Patriotic babyBath time88Bath timeYavneel, Israel. Established 190199Yavneel, Israel. Established 1901Ninja cat90Ninja catKissing booth99Kissing boothHare or Bunny?81Hare or Bunny?Tibetan Mastiff $$ most expensive dog in the world100Tibetan Mastiff $$ most expensive dog in the worldSleepy sweetheart90Sleepy sweetheartBox of Chocolates100Box of ChocolatesVENUS THE CAT100VENUS THE CATTanuki dogs, Japanese raccoon dogs.80Tanuki dogs, Japanese raccoon dogs.A wrinkle in time70A wrinkle in timeRudolph Rabbit90Rudolph RabbitMy neice-Waiting for Santa.81My neice-Waiting for Santa.Christmas Cheer63Christmas CheerIn a galaxy far far away77In a galaxy far far away