Grumpy grumpy grumpy100Grumpy grumpy grumpyCalico wine80Calico wineUnbuild a Bear80Unbuild a BearTransfixed99TransfixedButterfly eye99Butterfly eyeWaiting96WaitingTwo lips in the Tulips96Two lips in the TulipsSleeping puddy tat99Sleeping puddy tatPlay day in Santa Cruz, CA96Play day in Santa Cruz, CALine drying99Line dryingHere kitty99Here kittySleeping Tabbys99Sleeping TabbysFind the kitty99Find the kittyFind the cat99Find the catChristmas Kitty100Christmas KittyBlue Cat Christmas99Blue Cat ChristmasCan we keep him, Chief?70Can we keep him, Chief?LAB IN AUTUMN100LAB IN AUTUMNRedneck toddler100Redneck toddlerBubbles99Bubbles