Practicing Patience99Practicing PatienceHo Ho Meow99Ho Ho MeowLoving my windy day80Loving my windy dayBubble100BubbleHighland Cow, Isle of Mull Scotland99Highland Cow, Isle of Mull ScotlandShrek-lost 6 yr- 60 lb fleece96Shrek-lost 6 yr- 60 lb fleecePeek-a-boo80Peek-a-booJust waitin for milking time96Just waitin for milking timeMAAAAAH80MAAAAAHPatriotic baby90Patriotic babyBath time88Bath timeYavneel, Israel. Established 190199Yavneel, Israel. Established 1901Ninja cat90Ninja catKissing booth99Kissing boothHare or Bunny?81Hare or Bunny?Tibetan Mastiff $$ most expensive dog in the world100Tibetan Mastiff $$ most expensive dog in the worldSleepy sweetheart90Sleepy sweetheartBox of Chocolates100Box of ChocolatesVENUS THE CAT100VENUS THE CATA wrinkle in time70A wrinkle in time