color 429×
fantasy 201×
abstract 154×
illustration 152×
landscape 115×
architecture 86×
painting 86×
city 83×
sky 83×
childrens illustration 83×
night 74×
house 74×
cartoon 66×
yerka 57×
evening 48×
flower 46×
sunset 40×
tree 38×
cat 37×
winter 37×

201 puzzles tagged fantasy

Everyday creatures130Everyday creaturesRabbits journey Bitskoff154Rabbits journey BitskoffFriend Goblin -Bitskoff48Friend Goblin -BitskoffSteampunk Dragon64Steampunk DragonPet_City108Pet_CityWorld's Edge -Christmas DigiBlasphemy70World's Edge -Christmas DigiBlasphemyFairytale80FairytaleAutumn song100Autumn songHaku by Aonik96Haku by AonikFire forest -Yerka72Fire forest -YerkaNiad princess90Niad princessThe Winter Wave -Yerka72The Winter Wave -YerkaAlchemist credit living on the moon88Alchemist credit living on the moonFairy Queen130Fairy Queengrand promenade42grand promenadeMuse108MuseThe fool110The foolMagicaltown91MagicaltownNight dancer80Night dancerBar Posidon -Ducsai140Bar Posidon -Ducsai