If music be the food of love60If music be the food of lovehidden Easter eggs42hidden Easter eggsAn autumn bouquet42An autumn bouquetgorgeous rose56gorgeous roseIkebana48IkebanaElegance54EleganceHyacinth48HyacinthAncient bonsai49Ancient bonsaia red rose60a red rosea golden rose48a golden rosea rose reflected56a rose reflectedthe world's biggest flower63the world's biggest flowerHyacinths in silver vase48Hyacinths in silver vaseDaylily 142Daylily 1Roses from the garden63Roses from the garden'Brigadoon' rose42'Brigadoon' roseThe skylight90The skylightRed white and black48Red white and blackReflections (Victoria cruziana)63Reflections (Victoria cruziana)Spring flowers42Spring flowers