Manor window70Manor windowIn the woods60In the woodsEruption - Japan70Eruption - JapanStudy of Trees63Study of TreesCopper sulfate crystal56Copper sulfate crystalCoral Reef - a fish and a turtle70Coral Reef - a fish and a turtlePainting of Ocean Coral60Painting of Ocean CoralEnglish winter tree72English winter treeSoloneshnoye, Siberia -Denisova cave location70Soloneshnoye, Siberia -Denisova cave locationCoral Reef - unusual colors63Coral Reef - unusual colorsSun through the Aspens72Sun through the AspensSunlight through the trees72Sunlight through the treesPrint - trees 1800's70Print - trees 1800'sTurquoise reflections of the sky60Turquoise reflections of the skyTurquoise beach60Turquoise beachPolk Berries60Polk BerriesRail Road tracks72Rail Road tracksField of dry grass - Midsomer72Field of dry grass - MidsomerCliffs of Ireland on the ocean72Cliffs of Ireland on the oceanFloating Oak Leaf72Floating Oak Leaf