Santa hat
a dramatic Rothko
Tomoe Gozen - woman warrior
'Wheatfield with Crows' - vincent
The "sun" in van Gogh's 'the Sower'
A throbbing Rothko - yellow like van Gogh's sun
'Rothko's multiforms have a movement all of their own...'
John Jennings Esq., his Brother and Sister-in-Law, 1769, by Alex
Zoie Ghika, Moldavian Princess
Alexander Roslin - The Comtesse d'Egmont Pignatelli
Peter Max "Cosmic-Runner"
Peter Max -van gogh blossom branch
The Flying Red Dragon
Peter Max "Sunny Day" ("Starry Night' van Gogh)
The exploding pink and purple
Pasyryk deer horse (totem)
Mustangs By Robert Glen Texas
"Quoth the Raven"
Raven BBC radio picture
Rembrandt van Rijn "self-portrait" 1630-etching