Eastern European horse56Eastern European horsevaleriya kocareva - cat and woman63valeriya kocareva - cat and womanSuvorova Olga- Summer56Suvorova Olga- SummerRick Beerhorst- Reclining Woman on Bed60Rick Beerhorst- Reclining Woman on BedSandra Biermann - Bountiful63Sandra Biermann - BountifulSandra Biermann - Blue Cat63Sandra Biermann - Blue CatSandra Biermann - Woman with Red Hair63Sandra Biermann - Woman with Red HairSandra Biermann - Bountiful56Sandra Biermann - BountifulCawing Raven56Cawing RavenRaven print56Raven printAntique Pocket Watch - inner workings60Antique Pocket Watch - inner workingsLittle Callestock Farm63Little Callestock FarmSherlock Holmes Book Cover60Sherlock Holmes Book Cover"Frozen Waterfall" by patrx63"Frozen Waterfall" by patrx"We want our Daddy Back Home" jazz WW170"We want our Daddy Back Home" jazz WW1Gentle Hands60Gentle HandsCabinet Of Dr.Caligari -early 1920's, poster70Cabinet Of Dr.Caligari -early 1920's, posterSnow ScuLpture Changchun, Jilin, China63Snow ScuLpture Changchun, Jilin, Chinaa dramatic Rothko56a dramatic RothkoTomoe Gozen - woman warrior63Tomoe Gozen - woman warrior