blue 372×
green 368×
trees 253×
art 229×
water 207×
white 207×
children 169×
black 166×
red 146×
orange 146×
flowers 146×
sky 139×
tree 135×
painting 124×
clouds 122×
cat 115×
purple 109×
pink 100×
colors 97×
night 96×

229 puzzles tagged art

Red by alexa penn70Red by alexa pennEdgar Allan Poe -print63Edgar Allan Poe -printPrint - The Raven56Print - The Raven'Quoth the raven, "Nevermore." '63'Quoth the raven, "Nevermore." 'Buddha60BuddhaFlower Fables -Louisa May Alcott63Flower Fables -Louisa May AlcottChihulie - Glass sculpture63Chihulie - Glass sculptureSteinlen -Cat On A Chair art-nouveau72Steinlen -Cat On A Chair art-nouveauAlexandre Steinlen -Scenes of life in Montmartre70Alexandre Steinlen -Scenes of life in MontmartreTheophile -Alexandre Steinlen -art nouveau70Theophile -Alexandre Steinlen -art nouveauTheophile -Alexandre Steinlen -art nouveau70Theophile -Alexandre Steinlen -art nouveauBieres de la meuse - Alphonse Mucha63Bieres de la meuse - Alphonse MuchaWain - Tally-ho!70Wain - Tally-ho!Wain- Orange tiger Cat49Wain- Orange tiger CatWain - cat with the flower eyes60Wain - cat with the flower eyesHockney Winter Timber II70Hockney Winter Timber IIWoldgate Woods, July 200672Woldgate Woods, July 2006"Autumn Leaves" Hockney70"Autumn Leaves" Hockneyhockney Garrowby Hill-199870hockney Garrowby Hill-1998Bigger Grand Canyon - Hockney70Bigger Grand Canyon - Hockney