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Ostatnie puzzle

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Painted Zinnea63Painted ZinneaSteps on a cliff in the Country Woods70Steps on a cliff in the Country WoodsEnglish country church72English country churchFields - around Stratford on Avon72Fields - around Stratford on AvonFields -near Stratford on Avon - Shakespeare's Grandad's farm72Fields -near Stratford on Avon - Shakespeare's Grandad's farmEngland - storm over the fields60England - storm over the fieldsHorses blown in the wind72Horses blown in the windHighway to ? England - Survivors BBC -72Highway to ? England - Survivors BBC -Tudor era fire70Tudor era fireTudor dining room with 'fire' place copy70Tudor dining room with 'fire' place copy

Ostatnie albumy

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AlbumCover PhotographyAlbumCover Vintage photos & artAlbumCover Fantasy and Sci FiAlbumCover Holidays/SeasonsAlbumCover Tea Time at HomeAlbumCover Traveling / enginesAlbumCover The Universe / the EarthAlbumCover PetsAlbumCover Kid Stuff :}AlbumCover Architecture/Structures/Constructs